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Some improvement

My wife started using your Wild forest
herbal hair oil about a month ago. Hair fall has reduced now. After using it for some more time, I will be in a position to assess the effectiveness of the oil. Anyway it has given some hope for improvement.

I tried different oils and products to get rid of my dry skin but nothing worked for me, I finally landed on Svastya back seasome oil this is really working well( no greasiness and my skin is observing it soon I applied) for me.
Thank you Svastya 😍

Neem oil

For past 3 weeks I am using neem oil for itchy scap and dandruff, now there is no itching at all, and dandruff is under control. I am so glad that I have come across Svastya products😍.

Pristine Turmeric

I enjoyed Strong pest free Turmeric and coconut oil. Thanks

Perfect ghee for healthy life

It’s helping very much for my Autism Kid

Thank you Svastya for your effort of getting pure and authentic a2 ghee for my family …

God bless you all

This definitely original desi ghee , you can makeout from the smell

We are taking this desi A2 ghee exclusively for our son and stoped using all oils

It smoothing on throat and reduces acid reflux

Raw honey is good and we are using since 5years

Fantastic Product

I bought this while working in Bangalore last summer. I have used the entire thing over the last year or so, and it has been such a high quality product!

Best honey ever!

Tried this one at Naisargik Santhe and could not stop since then. Love it! Waiting for my next opportunity to get another can. Thank you for the excellent product!

Excellent product

Desi ghee

We are using from long because it's pure desi ghee

Wild forest floral honey

We as a family are very conscious about what we eat and how it is sourced. When I met Saranya, the way she explains each honey its benefits and how it’s procured, I found it very helpful.
The wild floral honey is very sweet with a floral note and not as thick as regular honey. I have never tasted something like this. Although it’s expensive, it’s making us conscious of our consumption. Overall a delicious product.

Good for health

Good and authentic

Svastya's all varieties of honey is unique and gives the intended results; it's important to go with organic honey in today's rampant fake honey selling business, ironically even by big corporates who control government food certification departments. Thanks Svastya

Authentic Honey

Bought this many times, authentic wild raw honey

Excellent one. Helped a lot to me

Thanks Svastya

Thanks Svastya....Good result...Effective Product...

Very nice product

Have been using their products from 1.5 years. Great quality

Your products are top notch. We have used other organic oil and ghee also, but nothing comes close to your quality. We are very happy.

Authentic Golden Organic Turmeric Powder

Excellent way for health conscious global citizens to donate golden turmeric powder on Akshay Thrithi Day!!! The best source of gold to invest for the welfare of all its citizens .towards health.

Wild forest honey

Amazing taste and truly organic

Virgin coconut oil

Very good quality
Would surely recommend