Women Driven Rural Organic Farms

Women - The unsung warriors of Indian Agriculture


Agriculture accounts for 13.5 percent of the Indian economy's GDP. It employs 55 percent of the country's workforce, with women accounting for a sizable proportion of that figure. Women have an important role in this sector, accounting for 33% of the agricultural labour force and 48% of self-employed farmers.

Women organic farmers

Women oversee sowing, weeding, mulching, harvesting, processing, and packing.

Women are the backbone of the agricultural process at Svastya organic farms. Farm work is divided evenly between men and women at SOF. Men are usually in charge of ploughing, watering, loading, and transporting agricultural produce.

Why are SOF referred to as rural women operated or driven?

At SOF, women are heavily involved in farming decisions and have their own areas of authority, especially when it comes to choosing seeds, harvesting, threshing, storing, processing, and using the harvest. All SOF are either run or owned by women farmers.

Women are a symbol of love, care, grace, and affection, and we would consciously curate our food to reflect these emotions for your wellbeing.