SOF- Svastya Organic Farms

The natural choice for people looking for authentic Organic products.

” True to Nature.True to You”

Every action we take, every product's effectiveness, every composition, component, and source are all questioned.

What would we change at Svastya Organic Farms we initially asked ourselves? Why should a person pick us? What set us apart from other parties do we bring to the table? Here are all those questions' responses, though.

Svastya Organic Farms is located in the dense forests where the eastern and western ghats (MM hills and BR hills Tiger Reserve) converge.

The water that we use for Organic farming travels around the wild terrain passing through various medicinal plant and trees in the forest and reaches us. This serves as a cure-all for the products from our farms. SvastyaOrganic Farms' farming philosophy focuses on preserving the five essential components of life (Air,water,fire,sky,earth).

We are classical farmers who have been engaged in agriculture for many generations. Because that is where life begins, our ancestors have always referred to mother earth (Bhumi thayi) as the "mother's womb" or "garbhagudi." We can have healthy soil, healthy food, and healthy lives if we consciously engage with the soil.

Natural farming, often referred to as ‘Rishi Kheti’, is based on ancient Indian principles of farming like the use of animal waste (Cow dung, Panchagavya, Gaumutra) and herbal juices (Jivaamrutha) for controlling pests and promoting growth of plants. The idea is to let nature play a dominant role to the maximum extent possible.
Typical organic farming practices are followed in our SOF like Multicropping, crop rotation, soil health, Livestock Management, PEST Management etc..



We try to use as little machinery as possible because we strongly believe in the power of doing things by hand. Only in certain processes, for the sake of efficiency or cleanliness, do we use machinery.

Certified Organic Farm Products

Are we truly organic? Yes. all of our products are Organically certified as per the guidelines. At Svastya Organic Farms,‘Organic’ is not simply just a form of compliance or another buzzword. For us, it's a way of life. When it comes to organic, we’ll put in the work to prove to you that we’re serious around.

Sustainable Packaging

What exactly do we mean by sustainability? To begin with, it's not just a phrase we throw around casually; it's ingrained deeply into the way we operate. We use recyclable PET bottles, glass bottles, glass tubs, and biodegradable packaging in our packaging. To assist you in making baby steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle, we also offer a take-back program.

Home Made

Freshly Made

The secret to effectiveness in Organic products is really Quality of the source products. We consistently prepare fresh and deliver authentic organic food. Where the magic really happens is on yourhealth.