Organic Wooden Cold Pressed Brown Gingelly Oil
Organic Wooden Cold Pressed Brown Gingelly Oil

Organic Wooden Cold Pressed Brown Gingelly Oil

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Svastya Organic Farms organic wooden cold pressed brown sesame oil is made from high-quality, hand-picked organic brown sesame seeds gathered from native brown sesame plants by organic farmers using the wooden cold-pressed method at 8-12 rpm.

 In general, cold-pressed oils have been shown to retain all the inherent characteristics of oil seeds while also maintaining their nutritional profile.


  •  The brown sesame seeds are graded as the first step in the oil extraction process. The best seeds are hand-picked from rotten, contaminated organic brown sesame seeds, together with stones, husks, and other dust particles, and evaluated using the conventional hand-picked method.
  •  After being hand-picked, these seeds are naturally sun-dried for two days to remove all moisture from the top grade organic brown sesame seeds and effectively create oil.
  • In the cold pressed process, brown sesame seeds cannot be pressed alone since it requires a binding agent to make oil. As a result, we employ organic palm jaggery as a binding agent for extracting oil. 
  • Based on the capacity of the wooden cold pressed machine, handpicked organic brown sesame seeds are poured. Our machine has a capacity of 12 kg of organic brown sesame seeds and 2 kg of organic palm jaggery. When the grinding process has begun, some coconut water and organic palm jaggery are added to provide the appropriate friction. The wooden cold-pressed machine works at 8-12 rpm and completes one cycle of oil production in 60-80 minutes (Based on the dryness of the seeds). From 12 kg of organic brown sesame seeds, we generate 3-3.5 liters of organic brown sesame oil.
  • The extracted organic wooden cold pressed brown sesame oil is then stored in a metal barrel for 4 days to let the Brown  sesame paste formed during the grinding process to settle naturally, followed by 2-3 days in the sunshine to eliminate any leftover moisture.
  • To maintain the taste and flavour, the settled organic brown sesame oil is hand filtered and poured into virgin glass bottles.

USP: Consciously handcrafted by Women farmer-using organic brown sesame seeds.

SPECIFIC STORAGE INFO: Store in cool, dry place.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Brown Sesame seeds, Organic Palm Jaggery, Coconut Water.

Usage Info:

- Wooden Cold Pressed brown gingelly oil, also known as sesame oil, is a versatile cooking oil with a rich nutty flavor and numerous health benefits. Here's how you can use it in various ways:

- Cooking and Frying: Wooden Cold Pressed oil is commonly used for cooking and frying due to its high smoke point. It adds a unique flavor to stir-fries, curries, and other savory dishes while imparting a delightful aroma.

- Seasoning and Dressings: Use Wooden Cold Pressed brown gingelly oil as a seasoning or drizzle it over salads, cooked vegetables, or grilled meats for added flavor. It can also be used to make delicious salad dressings and marinades.

Oils that are extracted from the seeds using the wooden cold-pressed technique ensure the retention of the whole nutrients and natural scent of the sesame seeds. Here are some of the major benefits of wooden cold-pressed organic brown gingelly oil.

• Packed with proteins.
Sesame seeds are rich in high-quality protein and with every ounce of organic brown gingelly oil, there is approximately 20 grams of protein.

• Prevents cancer.
Sesame seeds have anti-carcinogenic properties, and the organic brown gingelly oil is a cancer prevention mechanism to an extent.

• Helps in preventing diabetes.
Sesame seeds contain magnesium and other nutrients that prevent diabetes to an extent. Additionally, they also improve plasma glucose in hyper-sensitive diabetic patients.

• Healthy Skin
The high zinc content in sesame seeds produces collagen which in turn helps in the rejuvenation and active repair of damaged skin.

• Ideal for Anaemic individuals
The rich iron content in sesame seeds helps fight weakness in anaemic people.

1.How is Organic Brown Gingelly Oil a better option?
Organic Brown Gingelly Oil is a better cooking medium as it acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent which in turn helps boost cardiovascular health. Additionally, they also have anti-carcinogenic properties which act as a preventive shield against cancer.

2.Can Organic Brown Gingelly Oil be used as a skincare medium?
Yes, Organic Brown Gingelly Oil can be used as an excellent moisturising medium for skin care. Brown gingelly oil contains the medicinal property to reduce fine lines and wrinkles due to ageing and exposure to UV rays.

Customer Reviews

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Great for regular cooking and dressing. Adds a lovely flavour. Have switched completely from regular oils. Loved the coconut cold pressed as well

Asha K
Smell and taste of pure goodness

We can use it even for massage on any part of body. All vegetables and pulses taste become more good. ... but now days organic products are important.

Usha Np

Definitely a regular product for my kitchen!

This is original product

The oil is really good. Was securely packed and delivered in perfect condition. When used the oil doesn't leave behind any odd taste and doesn't start smoking on high heat.

I am really Impressed. Products is very good. ??????

You are doing great service to people like us, living in the cities, providing us with a choice to buy the real stuff in this age of unhealthy and processed foods, and empowering farmers and contributing to their livelihoods.



Our Soul Our Life.

For us,it’s more than just a farm. It is our ancestors' true organic essence that has been passed down to us to ensure a better future for our people and planet

From a random girl selling products


We drove 55 kms to obtain 12 plastic bottles, which we then filled with 6 bottles of honey, 5 bottles of ghee, and a dozen plastic covers from a chips shop to fill with turmeric as we had no idea how to present at the event.

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