Svastya Organic Farms

In honour of our Ancestors Ramayyal, S. Road Made Gounder, Ramasamy Gounder, and Narayanan Gounder, who served as our role models and taught us how to farm organically and sustainably.

For us,it’s more than just a farm. It is our ancestors' true organic essence that has been passed down to us to ensure a better future for our people and planet.

Everyone should visit the farms at least once just to see how much effort and perspiration goes into producing the food we eat, and often waste. The scenery and natural beauty are unquestionably stunning and will surely amaze you.

Svastya Organic Farms was founded with our founder Saranya's desire and passion towards healthy wellbeing For our family, growing organic food on the farm and selling it made sense. We were aware that it wouldn't be simple, but with our dedication and willingness to work hard, we would be doing something for which we could be proud and would lead by example.

Planting the seeds and seedlings, making a space for them to grow both in the ground and in containers to save water, and managing the area that isn't used for vegetables as an organic hay field. We were able to realise our dream thanks to all our hard work, which was a labour of love.


Svastya Organic Farms

Our farm is a family owned and operated farm with lots of heart and a wonderful support team of close friends and family.

Our passion to respect our health and our environment has led us down an “Organic” path. After all, our family lives, plays and eats from the land we grow from. Farming sustainably and responsibly we work to bring you the healthiest crops.

It is important to us to bring back the connection to local agriculture and allow you to know your farmer. We hope we get the chance to see you out at our farm and share a taste of our fields with you.

The simple lifestyle of farming often puts our patience to the test. It involves physical labour, long hours, stench-filled days, and restless, anxious nights.

Our reward is a beautiful, healthy harvest that we can be proud of, as well as our delighted customers' smiles, our shared experiences, and the information we impart to all the people who come to visit.

We do what we love and love what we do!