Customer Stories

Pitch in with us to know the holistic experiences of our customers and their reviews of Svastya organic farms. It was a delight insight indeed to know their joy and happiness

"True to nature.True to you"

Wild Forest Raw Honey,Zerowaste,Sustainable.

Customer sharing his view point of how he believed the myth that honey used to always taste sweeter like an ice cream and how after experiencing Svastya’s raw wild forest honey changed his whole perspective. He encloses the fact that honey in raw form should taste less sweet and how much he got used to Svastya organic farms wild forest raw honey. He always carries his own bags to cut down unnecessary use of plastic bags he also mentions the causes of plastic in our environment.
He advices everyone to carry their own cotton bags while they go to shop.

Wild Tamarind

Ms.Sunitha a potential customer, elucidates the attributes and benefits of Svastya Organic farms wild forest tamarind. She states it is extremely high and superior quantity,100% pure wild tamarind and recollects her childhood days she also mentions about the sweet chutney that she made with Svastya organic farms wild forest tamarind which was thick in consistency, very pulpy and stayed fresh for 15 days, there was no tamarind fibre waste and everyone in her family enjoyed it!

Wild Forest Raw Honey.

Our regular customer put before that he is been using our products, Svastya organic farms (wild forest floral honey in specific) for more than 5 years. He confessed that he and his family suffer with lung related issues like cough and cold mucus 15 days once or once a month and later he found out honey is good for lung related issues, he proclaims having no doubt that his health issues reduced gradually in 6 months after taking Svastya organic farms raw wild forest floral honey. He feels , Svastya organic farms wild forest honey is habit-forming and how bad they wanted honey during pandemic and which ever case they prefer using Svastya organic farms wild forest honey due to its high values and varied types of raw honey.

Desi Ghee,Wild Forest Raw Honey

As a user of Svastya organic farms products Ms. Kritika an student and an artist from Bangalore states Svastya is one of her personal favourite, she prefer using our wild honey and ghee as it is her most favourite among all.She also conferred a genuine description about our products DESI GHEE AND WILD FOREST HONEY.

She mentions our traditional methods of producing ghee, churning it in a copper vessel, the use of desi cows and our wild forest small bee honey that is unheated, unprocessed and raw.She mentions that every food product of Svastya organic farms is of premium collection with no artificial flavours and colour, naturally grown in farms which are pure and organic with a moto- say no to chemicals go natural.

Organic Cold Pressed Mamra Almond Oil

Customer divulging uson her personal experiences of using our
cold pressed virgin almond oil; with reference with a friend’s findings from the Ancient Vedic text of Ayurveda, the simple secret of applying almond oil on our face twice a day takes away all the wrinkles, she tried it on herself and to her bewilderment it worked; later when she stopped using it she got her wrinkles back, thus this being an eye opener she wants to start using almond oil for her face again.

Wild Forest Herbal Hair Oil

Customer sharing her experience with Svastya organic farms wild forest herbal hair oil. She discloses that her hair was so weak and was
depressed about it, later when she started using Svastya organic farms wild forest herbal hair oil she remarked it as a real game changer within a month she saw a positive change and that she visited our store to purchase it again.