Organic Neem Leaf Powder

Organic Neem Leaf Powder

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Organic Neem powder made by Svastya Organic Farms is made from organic, non-GMO, and native neem trees that are farmed on our farms by rural women organic farmers. Neem, a traditional plant renowned for its extraordinary healing capabilities, is meticulously preserved in our organic neem powder to provide the best health benefits.

Organic Neem Leaves

The versatile herb organic neem powder has several benefits for your skin, hair, and general wellness including blood purification.

  • As per ayurveda, neem's bitter and astringent qualities enable it to purify blood and treat a variety of skin conditions.
    1. After meals, take 3–4 tablespoons of organic neem powder twice daily.
    2. To improve the flavour, add 1 teaspoon of wild forest raw honey .
    3. Keep doing this for a couple of months for best effects.
Organic Neem leaves Smoothe


  • When taken first in the morning, neem and turmeric work synergistically to naturally awaken the energy centres inside our cells.


Organic Neem Paste for Hair
  • Our organic neem powder helps to unclog pores, get rid of pollutants, and fight acne as a natural and efficient approach to cleanse your skin.
Organic Neem leaf Facepack
  • It's also a fantastic natural hair conditioner that prevents hair loss, strengthens hair strands, and encourages thick, healthy hair growth.


Organic Neem Leaf for Hair

You're not only supporting rural women organic farmers when you buy our organic neem leaf powder; you're also investing in your health and well-being. Our neem powder is a natural and sustainable alternative to conventional beauty products, which are frequently laden with toxic chemicals. Try our neem powder today to experience neem's natural healing power. Your skin, hair, and body will be grateful!


Our Farm Our Soul.

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Praveen tambe
Premium Quality products.

Nice quality its too bitter.remembered my childhood days

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