Life’s simplest joys are found in the soil, where seeds of today bloom into tomorrow’s bounty.

Willing to collaborate with Svastya Organic Farms

Svastya Organic Farms moves with a vision of promoting healthy and conscious eating habits through our Organically produced foods. At Svastya Organic Farms we are not just cultivating but also reviving the traditional farming practices on a national level scale, to help us take this mission ahead and help farmers achieve new heights of figures through our market and reach we heartly await you to join us on this journey of Highway to Happiness.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Svastya Organic Farms works based on contractual farming where the organic farmers will be trained regarding the guidelines,process and procedures of Organic farming.
  2. Farmers must have their land organic certified.
  3. Farmers must have their soil tested as well to keep up with Svastya Organic Farms quality standards.
  4. Farmers must maintain high quality standards in cultivation, produce and organic farming practices as per guidelines provided
    by Svastya Organic Farms.
  5. A field inspection officer would be appointed by Svastya Organic Farms for weekly inspection.
  6. Farmers must sow crops as per the requirements of Svastya Organic Farms.
  7. Before procuring any raw material, raw materials
    would be sent to labs for quality tests and certification, if approved they
    would be procured. (Svastya Organic Farms procures RAW MATERIALS only).





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