Organic Desi Kangeyam Cow Gaumutra
Organic Desi Kangeyam Cow Gaumutra

Organic Desi Kangeyam Cow Gaumutra

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Svastya organic farms Desi kangeyam Cow Gaumutra (cow urine) is collected from pure desi kangeyam cows that are free grazed on our certified organic farms. This Gaumutra is also known as liquid gold. It is extremely important in our daily lives. It contains gold particles, minerals, anti-bacterial, and anti-cancer elements. Gaumutra is widely used as a medicine. It can be drank to treat a variety of ailments. 

Gaumutra has additional applications. Gaumutra is an excellent natural fertiliser. It can be mixed with water and used to irrigate plants. The Gaumutra's high nutrient content aids plant and vegetable growth.

It can be used to kill bacteria and germs in the home. It can also be used to clean the house when mixed with water. By using Gaumutra in the home, you can dispel evil and create a holy environment. Gaumutra is used in Homas and housewarming ceremonies in Indian tradition.


Warning! This Gaumutra is for external use only. Not for human intake. See Frequently Asked Questions below for more details.




Hand Collected from desi Kangeyam cows.


We reccomend storing it in the refrigerator. You can close the lid tightly, wash the bottle in water and store in the fridge.


Desi Kangeyam cow Gaumutra or cow urine



Pour a little amount of Gaumutra in your palm and sprinkle in the rooms of your house or work environment.


Add one liter of Gaumutra into 3 to 4 liters of water. Mop the floor with a mop and clean the house. It kills most of the germs and bacterias. It may give a slight pungent smell for a few minutes. It will go away eventually.


Mix one liter of Gaumutra into 5 liters of water. Pour the mix into plants as you like. Please don't directly use Gomutra on the plants. It will burn the plants. It should be always mixed with water and used.


1.What time do you collect the gaumutra?

We collect Gaumutra early in the morning around 6am. This Gaumutra has more potency than the Gaumutra the cows give during the day.

2.From which cows this gaumutra is collected?

We collect Gaumutra from organically free grazed desi kangeyam cows.

3.Can we consume it for health reasons?

If you want to consume Gaumutra for health reasons, it should be consumed fresh. You can also get distilled Gaumutra called as Go Ark from the market. You can consume recommended dose of Go Ark from your home on daily basis.