Wild Forest Kayakalpam Powder

Wild Forest Kayakalpam Powder

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Svastya organic farms wild forest kayakalpam powder is 100% pure and organically harvested from Terminalia chebula, a tree in the Combretaceae family that grows wild in the forests of western ghats India at high altitudes and produces a fruit known as a myrobalan. In different dialects, the herb is known as Haritaki, Kadukkai, Chebulic myrobalan, Bihara, and Harada, and is one of the three fruits found in the traditional Triphala formulation.

Organic kadukkai

Haritaki is named after the word 'harita,' which means 'green,' and because it is sacred to Lord Shiva, also known as 'Hara,' and grows in the Himalayas, where Lord Shiva was thought to reside. Haritaki is an important Ayurvedic herb that is thought to promote fearlessness, feed the brain and nervous system, and bring awareness and awareness.The Buddha is often portrayed in Tibetan sacred pictures with a Haritaki fruit in his hand.

Benefits of Kadukkai