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Organic Hydrated Lemongrass Powder

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Do you ever think of using fresh lemongrass in your regular dishes? Buying fresh lemongrass regularly is a time-consuming hassle but Svastya organic farms make it easy for you. Organic lemongrass powder is the best alternative to fresh lemongrass. 

Due to drying it under sunlight and grinding in ancient ways, we maintain its nutrients and taste to provide you with the best form of lemongrass powder.

Refresh Tastes Of Your Every Dishes With Organic Lemongrass Powder

Sprinkling some dried lemongrass powder on your dishes will give the dishes a new life with enhancing taste and rich in nutrients. This spice allows you to give your dishes a new taste and its fragrance will work as an appetite enhancer. The one major benefit of its fragrance is that it provides a pleasant cooking environment.

Further, adding some other flavour-enhancing spices like curry leaves powder and ginger powders with lemongrass powder will work to provide a glamorous taste to your dishes. 

Nutritional Advantages Of Organic Lemongrass Powder 

Rather than adding flavour to your dishes, this powder is rich with many nutritional benefits. Let’s know these benefits.

  1. The powder is rich in antioxidants like Vitamins C and A which protect your body from internal harmful radicles.

  2. This is a fantastic source of vital nutrients like potassium and magnesium. Both these nutrients will help your body to support your muscle functions. 

  3. Its anti-inflammatory properties help you to protect your body from inflammation during diseases such as diabetes or in case of sudden crack.

  4. It has many nutritional benefits. For example, it works to stimulate your digestive enzymes to maintain nutrient absorption.

  5. Furthermore, its use in weight loss proves its very beneficial.

Shop Lemongrass Powder From Online Store: Make Every Meals Super Tangy & Tasty

Savstya Farms makes it easy for you to grab a box of organic lemongrass powder while cooking your dishes. With the help of the Svastya online store, you can purchase this powder from the comfort of your home. You just have to access our store and add your desired bottles to your cart. Then, make a purchase by paying the amount. 

Benefits Of Organic Lemongrass Powder  

Using this powder in your regular dishes has uncountable nutritional advantages. Thanks to Svastya farms because their lemongrass powder is rich in nutrients because they grind it through ancient ways rather than modern grinders.

Vitamins A and C work as antioxidants that prevent us from chronic disease-related cells. It is also rich in magnesium and potassium and own anti-inflammatory properties. 


Why Choose Svastya Organic Farms To Purchase Organic Lemongrass Powder Online?

When it comes to selecting the best organic lemongrass powder-selling company, Svastya Organic Farms stands out from competitors due to the following reasons.

Premium Quality Assurance

We always prioritize quality over other benefits. At Svastya Organic Farms, we always try to provide the finest lemongrass powder. 

Organic Certification

We offer certified organic lemongrass powder. We first analyze the quality of the product through different measurements. It means our product is free from harmful pesticides.

Precise Quality Control

With the help of our quality control measures, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards according to the market.

Return Policy

If you do not like or face any unnecessary scenarios, you can make a request for a refund of your money.

Commitment To Health And Wellness

At Svastya Organic Farms, we completely rely on natural ways to fulfil our claim to be a health-conscious lemongrass powder-providing company.

organic lemongrass powder

USP: Consciously handcrafted by Women farmer- Lokkanahalli,India.

SPECIFIC STORAGE INFO: To maintain the freshness and flavor of organic lemongrass powder, it is important to store it properly. It should be kept in an airtight container in a cool, dry, and dark place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Lemongrass Leaves .

How to Use Organic Lemongrass Powder

Organic lemongrass powder is incredibly versatile and can be used in various ways.

1. Lemongrass tea: Steep fresh or dried lemongrass leaves in hot water for a refreshing and aromatic tea. You can add honey or lemon for extra flavor.

2. Culinary uses: Lemongrass is a popular ingredient in many Asian cuisines. It adds a unique citrusy flavor to soups, curries, stir-fries, and marinades.

3. Skincare products: Look for skincare products that contain lemongrass essential oil. It can help cleanse and tone the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. Natural insect repellent: Lemongrass has natural insect-repellent properties. You can make a DIY bug spray by combining lemongrass essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil.

Burn lemongrass-scented candles or incense sticks to infuse your space with its refreshing aroma. This can create a peaceful ambiance and help you unwind after a long day.
When purchasing organic lemongrass powder, ensure that you choose a reputable brand that sources high-quality ingredients. Look for certifications such as USDA Organic to guarantee that you are getting a pure and authentic product.

In conclusion, organic lemongrass powder is a must-have ingredient for any culinary enthusiast. Its intense flavor, delightful aroma, and numerous health benefits make it a valuable addition to your pantry. So why not give it a try and experience the wonders of organic lemongrass powder in your own cooking?

1. Intense Flavor
Organic lemongrass powder boasts a vibrant and citrusy flavor that can elevate any dish. Just a small amount of this powder can add a burst of freshness to soups, curries, stir-fries, marinades, and even baked goods. Its zesty and tangy taste is perfect for those who enjoy a hint of citrus in their meals.

2. Aromatic Delight
The aroma of lemongrass is truly captivating, and organic lemongrass powder captures this essence perfectly. When added to your dishes, it releases a delightful fragrance that can awaken your senses and make your kitchen smell like a tropical paradise.

3. Digestive Aid
Lemongrass has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to aid digestion. It contains compounds that can help soothe the stomach and alleviate digestive issues such as bloating and indigestion. By incorporating organic lemongrass powder into your meals, you can support a healthy digestive system.

4. Antioxidant Powerhouse
Rich in antioxidants, organic lemongrass powder can help protect your body against free radicals and oxidative stress. These antioxidants play a crucial role in maintaining overall health and may contribute to a reduced risk of chronic diseases.

5. Calming and Relaxing
Not only does lemongrass add flavor to your dishes, but it can also have a calming effect on your mind and body. The natural compounds found in lemongrass have been shown to possess relaxing properties, making it an ideal ingredient to incorporate into your evening meals or soothing herbal teas.

6. Stress Relief
The soothing aroma of lemongrass can help reduce stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that inhaling lemongrass essential oil can have a calming effect on the mind and body, promoting relaxation and improving mood.

7. Improved Focus and Concentration
Lemongrass aroma has been found to enhance cognitive function, including focus and concentration. Inhaling the scent of lemongrass can help clear the mind, increase alertness, and improve mental clarity.

8. Natural Insect Repellent
Lemongrass contains citronella, a natural insect repellent. The aroma of lemongrass can help keep mosquitoes, flies, and other insects at bay. You can use lemongrass essential oil or burn lemongrass candles to create a bug-free environment.

9. Mood Booster
The uplifting scent of lemongrass can boost your mood and promote a sense of well-being. It has been used in aromatherapy to alleviate symptoms of depression and promote a positive outlook.

Benefits Of Organic Lemongrass Powder

Using this powder in your regular dishes has uncountable nutritional advantages. Thanks to Svastya farms because their lemongrass powder is rich in nutrients because they grind it through ancient ways rather than modern grinders.

Vitamins A and C work as antioxidants that prevent us from chronic disease-related cells. It is also rich in magnesium and potassium and own anti-inflammatory properties.

Q: What is lemongrass powder?
A: Lemongrass powder is a kind of extract of lemongrass herb that is made from dried lemongrass leaves.

Q: What is lemongrass powder good for?
A: Lemongrass undoubtedly enhance the deliciousness of dishes but it also has many healthy nutritional benefits including having vitamins and nutrients that are very beneficial for our health.

Q: Is lemongrass okay for kidneys?
A: Using it always provides benefits to human health but if you are facing health issues related to your kidneys, it is suggested to consult with your doctor before using lemongrass regularly.

Q: Is it safe to drink lemongrass every day?
A: Drinking lemongrass tea in moderation is considered safe for most people and may offer health benefits. It is a natural herb and using herbs has no side effect on human health.

Q: Does lemongrass reduce belly fat?
A: While lemongrass is not a prioritized solution for weight loss, it may support a healthy metabolism. For it, you have to use it while you are also balancing your diet and exercise.

Q: Can lemongrass aroma help with headaches?
A: Yes, lemongrass aroma has been found to have analgesic properties and can help alleviate headaches. Inhaling the scent of lemongrass may provide relief from tension headaches and migraines.

Q: Is lemongrass aroma safe for everyone?
A: While lemongrass aroma is generally safe for most people, it is always recommended to do a patch test before using any essential oil or scented product. Some individuals may be allergic or sensitive to certain scents, so it's best to consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

Customer Reviews

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Rajeswari Bhaskar

Acceptable quality


I like this lemon tea grass tea. Fragrance is good, feels refreshing, good for weight loss.

Akshatha Shrivathsa

Gives a nice flavour in your green tea ...

Meena Shekar

It boost metabolism. It is used for skin and hair which is rich source of vitamin A and C. Effective for cold and flu also


I highly recommend this tea. It is Rich in Antioxidants and Boosts Immunity. I drink it with my breakfast and it has helped me with reducing bloating.

Our Soul Our Life.


For us,it’s more than just a farm. It is our ancestors' true organic essence that has been passed down to us to ensure a better future for our people and planet

From a random girl selling products


From going 55 kms to obtain 12 plastic bottles, which we then filled with 6 bottles of honey, 5 bottles of ghee, and a dozen plastic covers from a chips shop to fill with turmeric to become India's No.1 premium healthstyle brand it has been a wonderful journey.

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